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SCENSO doo carries out the processing of the necessary data of those persons who have given consent for processing, for a clearly defined purpose, in a legally permissible manner, so that the person to whom the data relate is not determined or determinable after the purpose of processing has been achieved, for the purpose of processing. Data processed must be true and complete, as well as based on a veritable source, or source that is not static.


Prior to collecting data, informs the person to whom the data refers to the following:

  • If the person is responsible for collecting the data Scenso d.o.o with the seat in Subotica, Vrdnička street 1
  • The purpose of data collection and processing is to enable the smooth operation of the Scenso d.o.o ( internet service, the security of members of the internet service and the provision of electronic commerce to members of the internet service in accordance with the law.
  • The collected data are used in a way that enables the identification of the faces of electronic commerce, buyers and sellers, in accordance with good business practices, keeping business secrets and law.
  • Persons who use the data of persons employed in Scenso Ltd. who have the authority to use the data, the persons with whom the member enters into a bond relationship (in the amount necessary for the performance of that relationship) as well as all the state bodies which, under the law and / or decisions of the court exercise the right to use the data.
  • That personal data is voluntary and that no one wants to be a member of Scenso doo ( is not obliged to leave any data but that the disclosure of data is mandatory in the sense of the Law on Obligations and the Electronic Commerce Act, in order to gain membership in these services.
  • A person who has given consent to the collection and processing of data may at any time and without justification withdraw their consent, which as a legal consequence of the termination of the membership, the fulfillment of all outstanding obligations arising out of the membership period, as well as to cease any further collection data from the person who has withdrawn consent.
  • In the case of unauthorized processing, persons have the right to protection of personal data, as well as other rights under their law.


Data collected for the purposes indicated above are: Name, surname, date of birth, gender, email address, mobile phone number, home/company telephone number, and IP address of each access service.
Users can request, anonymize or delete collected data. By clicking on the following link (GDPR CONSENT) and entering the e-mail address, an e-mail with an anonymized link will be sent to the address. By clicking on this link, we will get the necessary data and the options listed above.


The way of achieving Membership in Scenso d.o.o ( with internet services is regulated by the Terms of Use of the internet platform of Scenso d.o.o (


All general acts of Scenso d.o.o ( must comply with this Ordinance. If any general act Scenso d.o.o ( does not comply with this Ordinance with regard to the protection of personal data, the provisions of this Ordinance shall apply.


This Ordinance shall enter into force on the day of its adoption and publication at Scenso d.o.o ( internet service.

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