Terms of service



All merchandise ordered through the seller's web site is obligatory for both the Buyer and the Seller simultaneously, and can not be canceled or changed without prior agreement between both parties.
The buyer undertakes to follow the following steps when ordering goods through the seller's web site:

  1. Choice of Article
  2. Select the appropriate variation (size, color, etc.)
  3. Choice of quantities
  4. Enter or enter your personal information
  5.  Overview of all data, control and acceptance of orders and General Terms of Use and Purchase
  6.  Terminate the order
  7. Payment via the selected payment method
  8.  Take Goods

The Seller shall be obliged to send an order to the Buyer upon receipt of the order containing the order code, the name, price and quantity of the items ordered, the total amount of the payment, the chosen payment and delivery method as well as address data supplied by the Buyer for the delivery of the order .

The Seller is obligated to deliver the goods to the Buyer within 5 business days, counting from the date of the order in the case of payment, ie from the date of receipt of the payment in case of payment to the seller's account, and the delivery method chosen by the Buyer. In the case of the inability to dispose of the goods, the Seller is obliged to notify the Buyer within the deadline of not more than 3 business days, counting from the date of the order.
The Seller can not be held responsible for any unforeseen costs incurred due to the delay in delivery and receipt of the ordered goods by the Buyer.

The buyer is obligated to provide the Seller with accurate data for the account and delivery of the goods (name and surname, full delivery address, size, variation of the model and quantity of the item). If the Buyer cites the wrong personal information or email address in the Buying Process, the Seller can not be held liable for any problems with the delivery or receipt of the ordered goods. The Seller is not responsible for the appearance of the Product if the visual solution sent by the Buyer does not correspond to the cause of a poor pixel, small pixel, size, and the impossibility to enlarge the image without losing the quality of the image itself.

In the event that the Buyer makes a payment of less than the total amount of the order, it is considered that the sale is not concluded and the money paid will be returned to the Buyer.

About the Conditions of Claims and Returns You can find out in the section ADVERTISING (open link to ADVERTISING).
For all disputes between Seller and Buyer that can not be solved by agreement and in the spirit of good business co-operation, the court is competent in Subotica (Republic of Serbia).

All customer information is considered legitimate and can not be relinquished to third parties.

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