About us

Our story starts in 1996 in Subotica when we created a group from a small family business that cares about your brand being noticed. When you say PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL, our goal is to think of the quality, attention and speed of SCENSO.
Since 1996, SCENSO has gone a long way in studying the philosophy of promotional materials and marketing, and has thus acquired the experience that today helps our customers to get products of high added value. Our team has extensive experience in the fields of promotion, branding, marketing and information technology.

SCENSO is one of the leading companies in the Republic of Serbia and the region of the Western Balkans for the creation and production of promotional gifts. We strengthen the link between products and customers with our innovative promotional solutions. We produce our products all over the world, paying attention to the fact that they conform to the highest world standards.
SCENSO is also an exclusive distributor of globally known brands such as FRUIT OF THE LOOM and Russell Europe.

All we want, stays in our slogan IN THE SERVICE OF YOUR BRAND.


- Product development and creative solutions.
- Defining requirements and purchasing products.
- Organization of production and logistics.
- Quality control and ethical requirements.


Promotional material is the bridge between consumers and companies (products). The feeling of a physical product with quality branding leaves a strong impression, and your brand stays in front of the consumer's eyes longer than a regular TV commercial or advertisement on the Internet. Advertising material will always give priority to your product and company. It also offers an inexhaustible set of ways to present your brand or product and contribute to your business.


The job at SCENSO is something completely different than you could have before. You will find yourself facing many challenges. You will be inspired and proud because you can be part of something that will change the awareness in our industry. SCENSO offers a family atmosphere and quality career development, aimed at developing the personality and business skills of the employee.
Perhaps SCENSO is not currently officially open vacancy notice, but we are always open to enthusiasts who are working hard and wanting to be part of our team.
Submit your CV to hr@scenso.com.